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Take a behind-the-scenes peek at what I've been cooking up in the Cards of Fate kitchen and getthe inside track on how the latest projects are coming together.

What’s in a name?

A post about Nova Shift from 25th March 2021

This time on the Nova Shift design diary we’re taking a look at names. Now I’m not a parent, but after having gone through this process a couple of times now I can only imagine how angst-inducing it must be to label an actual human being FOR LIFE.

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In Space No One Can Hear You Theme

A post about Nova Shift from 14th March 2021

Space: the final frontier. These are the design diaries of the board game Nova Shift. Its open-ended mission: to explore strange new mechanisms. To seek out new players and new conceptualisations. To boldly game where no game has gamed before!

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The Forest is in Bloom

A post about Forest of Fate from 5th June 2017

The Forest of Fate enters a new season, as BETA testing draws to a close and components are beginning to come together.

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The Roots of the Forest

A post about Forest of Fate from 23rd May 2017

I believe it's true that there's no such thing as an original idea. Even so, amazing things can happen when the right ideas come together at the right time.

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Admin, admin, admin...

A post about Forest of Fate from 14th May 2017

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the number of steps required to start trading as a self-publisher of board and card games - but break the problem down into smaller chunks and it becomes much easier.

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Simulated Testing

A post about Forest of Fate from 29th April 2017

When it comes to board game design there is no substitute for human playtesting, but for simple balancing exercises with many variables, there is an alternative...

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What's in its pocketses?

A post about Forest of Fate from 12th April 2017

The darkness approaches, your heart pounds in your chest. Time is running out. Your head is half-buried in you pack as you search desperately for that one item that might just change your fate...

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Information Overload

A post about Forest of Fate from 29th March 2017

By far one of the greatest design challenges I've encountered in creating Forest of Fate is processing the massive amount of immersive narrative that needs to be presented to the players.

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Where's a Mechanic When You Need One?

A post about Forest of Fate from 29th March 2017

Even though Forest of Fate is still in development, practically all of the rules and gameplay elements are already in place. Until the rulebook is ready, here's a quick overview of how the game works.

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The Seeds of the Forest

A post about Forest of Fate from 29th March 2017

Your party have already come so far: you've penetrated the magical barrier and fought your way into the uncharted depths of the mysterious Forest to defeat the forces of evil. Now you are weary, you're weakened, and you're a long way from home.

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