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I am an independent, UK-based board game designer and publisher. I am on a quest to push the boundaries of storytelling in tabletop games and to enrich the imaginations of the next generation of gamers.

I used to play a lot of video games when I was younger. Perhaps you did too? I distinctly remember trawling through my father's old PC Pro collection and loading up the cover discs on my ancient Windows 98 PC to see what strange delights awaited me in the "Games" section. They were almost all demos, which meant they either had a limited number of levels or you could only play them for a certain amount of time before you were prompted to buy the full game.

I never did.

Then we got our first internet connection, and something amazing happened. With a bleep-bloop and a buzz I was "online" and a whole new world of multiplayer gaming opened up before me.

Before long I discovered "mods", which are clever little programs that replace parts of a game. They might add new weapons, visual effects or even create entire games-within-games. You want to play basketball against the Tellytubbies on Mars? With mods, anything seemed possible. In a few months I'd taught myself how to use the tools and started creating my own levels and mods, and it was good.

As I grew older I no longer had the time to dedicate to the hobby, so we slowly drifted further apart. Then, in 2015 I bought my parents a board game I'd overheard some friends chatting about. Something about wood and sheep? When we lifted the lid on The Settlers of Catan as a family that Christmas, I discovered modern board games.

Since then I've put a lot of thought into what games are and what they could be. The loose ends and unfinished demos of my youth come back to haunt me, daring me to look around the next corner into so many untold stories. What was behind that locked door? What would have happened to that character? What if? The questions begin to take on a life of their own and coalesce into something new, something inevitable. It feels like drawing from an infinite deck of cards. Each time you're seeing something new for the first time, but you're also revealing the back of the next. It's hidden and unknowable, but at the same time you know it's always been there.

Every Cards of Fate game begins with this core idea.

Phil Hazelton
Founder, Cards of Fate

Phil Hazelton

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