Forest of Fate

Forest of Fate box cover
2-6 30-60 14+
Small box (110 x 150 x 32 mm)

A storybook game for 2-6 adventurers. Use teamwork and tough decisions to discover your fate and make it home with the tale of a lifetime.

Forest of Fate takes the classic gamebook format and transforms it into a thrilling tabletop experience, for non-gamers and experienced role-players alike. Tension and story build hand-in-hand as you decide how to approach each encounter, with strategy, humour and over 40,000 words of original narrative.

  • Individual skills and character abilities
  • Choose your own path: no two journeys will ever be the same!
  • Over 1,000 surprising outcomes in the digital & printable Story Book

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Reasons to play

  • If you grew up with Choose Your Own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy, Forest of Fate evokes that nostalgic feeling and lets you share it in a fun, cooperative format with your friends and family.
  • If you like the storytelling element of games like Tales of the Arabian Nights or Above & Below, you will love the tighter, faster, easier to learn gameplay of Forest of Fate.
  • If you've been tempted by RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, but haven't been able to find a group (or the courage to join one), Forest of Fate could be your gateway into the hobby - and it's much easier to introduce to your non-gaming friends!
  • If you're in an existing RPG group, Forest of Fate could be your next warm-up game, with its short run time and flexible player count.

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Check out the campaign page for an inside look into the creation of Forest of Fate.

The Story Book

To play Forest of Fate you will need access to a copy of the Story Book. It's the heart and soul of the game, containing over 1,000 paragraphs describing the scenarios you'll face and the outcomes of all the actions you'll take. You cannot play without one.

For ultimate portability and to help protect our environment, we recommend you use the digital edition of the Story Book. This is available for free online via the following link:

Access the Digital Story Book

The digital edition works with all computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Once you've used it a copy will be saved to your device, so you can access it even if you're out and about in areas with poor or no signal (just remember to load it up at least on that device before you set off).

For that retro feel you can also download a copy of the complete Story Book in PDF format, to save or print at home.

You can download the the PDF Story Book here*. The latest version is 2.2.

Free Downloads

If you'd like to try your hand at Forest of Fate before you buy, or simply take a closer look at the rules, you can download a free Print and Play preview and the full rulebook using the links below, or play it online for free!

Print & Play

The Print and Play provides a limited version of the game, with only a small subset of the characters, quests, artefacts, abilities and encounters you'll find in the full game. The artwork has also been simplified in this version to make it easier and cheaper for you to print at home.

This should be enough to get you started. Remember: if you enjoy the limited Print and Play we guarantee you'll love the full game!

Tabletop Simulator

Play online with friends using the Forest of Fate module for Tabletop Simulator. This includes the full game in virtual format, perfect for those times when you're unable to get around a table in person.

Walkthrough video

Please note that this video shows a pre-release version of the game from September 2017, with some gameplay elements missing. All of the components shown are prototypes.