Nova Shift

Nova Shift box cover
1-4 45-60 12+
Medium box (300 x 300 x 70 mm)

An epic, episodic journey through space for a crew of 1-4. Find a job, outfit your ship and take to the stars to earn fame and fortune.

Nova Shift is the next game from Cards of Fate, based on classic sci-fi serials from Star Trek to Firefly and everything in between. The episodic format of Nova Shift lets you take your place in the unfolding saga of a galaxy not so far away - whether that's with the same crew each week, new recruits, or even going solo.

  • Build and outfit your own ship with a wide variety of modules, items and upgrades
  • Pursue mission objectives whilst staying on top of maintenance, faults and crises
  • Collaborate with zero downtime using short, simple turns and simultaneous actions

I'm really excited about the potential of Nova Shift for emergent storytelling. After much development and testing I've been able to whittle down the rules and mechanisms to something that feels simple and playable, with an edge of urgency and absolutely caked in its sci-fi roots. It's a very different game to Forest of Fate, but if you've enjoyed trekking through the forest and are looking for a greater challenge, Nova Shift could be your next big adventure.

Coming soon...

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